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Drunk Chicken Slayer

Joshua Shelton. Drunk Chicken Slayer. In one night Joshua managed to kill 70,000 chickens who were in their chicken houses.

As awful as it is, it really was just an accident.  A mistake on which switch he flipped off.  So, how could this happen? I mean, the farm is in Maryland, which experiences lows in the upper 60’s overnight. So it couldn’t have been from temperature related issues.  Why couldn’t a chicken survive without food, water or circulation for one night?  We have a chicken (her name is Chicken) and she perches herself on the table top all night long and won’t move.  She experiences the dark and she refrains from eating and drinking while sleeping… she won’t even entertain the offering of a tasty treat.  She is a hearty bird who lives outdoors.  Year round.  She experiences the darkness, lack of food and water at times, and the seasons… and she continues to survive and even thrive.

If you look at the satellite image of this “farm,” you can see immediately that these chicken “houses” are actually warehouses.  The chickens live indoors their whole lives.  They are completely reliant on the conventional farming techniques of keeping them healthy enough to either produce an egg product, or become a meal themselves.  These poor chickens probably never even knew when it was dark outside, what fresh air was, or when it was appropriate to eat based upon their biology.

If the chickens are that sensitive to the lights being out, to no water or food for a few hours overnight, then what does that say about their health and ultimately the health of the human that is eating them or the product they produce?  Would you eat such a sickly bird if you knew it was?

Tiffany B.

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