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Inc. 500

I found out last week that the company that I work for, Vital Farms, debuted in 2012 on Inc. 500’s list at number 51.  At first I was like “YAY!”  And then I was like HUH?

Vital Farms is a “family” farm that produces the most spectacular organic and pasture-raised eggs and chickens around.  Even the Cornucopia Institute has given us a 5 egg rating for ethical treatment and organic products.

So why are we bowing “to the man” and making waves in the corporate realm?  It just doesn’t seem right…until you consider this.

Our farm and it’s mission, like many other organic and ethical farms, is to win the arm wrestling match against inhumane, corporate “farming” (the term farm shouldn’t even be used with these institutions because the animals are treated more like inanimate objects, than actual living beings that experience pain, desire, wants and needs).  Vital Farms aims to win the battle and in order to do so, we can’t sit idly by as a small farm.  We gotta step up to the plate and take our best shot… and that is exactly what we are doing.  When we maintain our strictest standards and guidelines, help more farmers do what we love and require to provide the demands of our products, then we are slowly going “over the top” and are staring down our opponent.  The fact that we are on the Inc 500 list proves this and WOW to debut at number 51 is absolutely spectacular.  We couldn’t have done it without you.

Vital Farms will continue to exercise our mission to provide as many stores, restaurants, businesses, corporations and YOU the products that you love and desire from us. We are out to change the world of eggs and chickens!

Tiffany B.

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