Butterball Abuse

29 Aug


I read a story today on a former employee of Butterball in North Caroline who pleaded guilty to some pretty awful abuse of live turkeys. He was one of six who were charged.  

So I guess stories like this have probably been around just as long as mass-produced animal farming has been.  Stories pop up and go away, but the frequency of these stories has become scary.  There is also the factor of USDA inspectors who are in place and inspect facilities DAILY to prevent such horrendous crimes against nature.   Will this type of unethical behavior ever stop and will the departments that are put into place to monitor them ever care enough to enforce their mission?  What can you do about it?

Research.  When you go to your local chain grocery store, look at the meats available to you.  Find out where the meat comes from and research those facilities.  The hamburger that you are serving your family was once a beautiful bovine who looked at the human that was slaughtering it with beautiful eyes just like these.



Know your farmer.  Know your food.  Examine and learn because knowledge can be the extra muscle behind that dollar that you pull from your wallet.  

We are the only ones who can and will demand that corporation/conventional farmers change their ways.  The government (unfortunately) has refused to put this type of sentiment on the front burner.  It starts at your kitchen table when you provide the food for yourself and your family with love.  Love for all.  Isn’t that what it is all about?

Tiffany B. 

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