Illegal Front Yard Garden

27 Jul


I came across a story today with one of the most absurd laws I’ve ever heard.

In Drummondville, Quebec a couple, Josee and Michel put in an absolutely beautiful front yard garden.  The garden is their entire front yard and feeds not only them, but their neighbors also.  With cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchinis, onions, brussels sprouts and beets, on and on – Michel lost 75 pounds and Josee lost 25.  It is a wonderful story of how anyone can eat fresh right out of their own front yard and lose weight to boot! 

Apparently the Canadian government thinks all of this is bad and have deemed the garden illegal.  Front yards can only have gardens if they are a certain yada yada size and don’t take up too much yada yada yard.  Whatever.  These folks are personally solving their food sourcing problems by walking out their front door.  No carbon footprint, no chemical lacing, saving money, sharing, getting outdoors… the list is absolutely endless on the benefits.

The couple have a blog.  Please visit it.  It is in French, so be forewarned.  They are actually seeking signatures on a petition to legalize their vegetable garden.  Sounds absurd…”legalize a vegetable garden.”  I’m appalled and I’ve signed the petition.  Won’t you too?

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